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Vvedenskoye cemetery, Moscow [part 1]

Devoted to all so-called "gothic-persons"...

Vvedenskoye cemetery also name German, or Vvedenskiye mountains. It's located in the east of Moscow in Lefortovo. The cemetery to take the area of 20 hectares. In XVIII-XIX centuries it is called German cemetery as there mainly buried persons of Catholic and lutheran creed. The Wall and Cemetery Constructions are built in the end XIX - the beginning of XX century. In 60th years the territory is expanded, constructed a wall-columbarium

one of engineers of space station "MIR"


"infected mushrooms" ;)

so beautifull germinated on a tomb



to whom for a long time do not come, create a rubbish heap (reflect itself..)

the huge black cross, - scale is visible

for all fans of FC Dynamo Moscow

falling of a tree - 1 (has fallen in 20 meters when we have passed over..)

falling of a tree - 2

falling of a tree - 3

falling of a tree - 4

falling of a tree - 5

Decapitated by imbecilers..

in front of everyone his called "gymnast"

stone sculpture

near young-man tomb

tumbled down and forgotten

the idiots who called "Gothic-persons" write the messages on crypts. Just Muttonheads ;(

monument to fighters of Napoleon, victims in 1812..

ammateur worn out: noticed that on a cemetery my forces quickly run low and it would be desirable to sit down..

remains of pilots " Normandy Neman ", I hope everyone know who it were


Thanks for viewing and reading!
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